Prescription Product Policy

Prescription Product Policy

Prescription Items:

These Items require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian prior to being shipped to the customer.  There are no returns allowed for prescription products.

Pharmacy Laws

A prescription must contain the following information prior to being filled at a pharmacy.

  1. Name of owner
  2. Name and species of the animal
  3. Name of drug
  4. Strength of the drug
  5. Dosage form of the drug
  6. Quantity of the drug
  7. Directions of use
  8. Date of issuance
  9. Vet’s name with signature and state license number
  10. Number of refills authorized

A prescription may be transmitted by facsimile (fax) to the pharmacy only by the prescribing veterinarian. The prescription can not be faxed to the pharmacy by the owner of the animal. The owner may obtain the original prescription from the vet and mail it in.

Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts the use of Rx drugs to be used by, or on the order of, a licensed Veterinarian.

Please Note: Due to federal and state law, we cannot accept returns of prescription medications, so please make your selections carefully.