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Next Level health and performance begins with science-driven nutrition. That’s exactly what’s inside every bag of Next Level Super Premium Pet Food.


Science-driven nutrition is the cornerstone of whole body health. Building your dog’s health from the inside out.


Science drives what’s inside our bag. Trust drives what it’s made of. Our ingredients come from suppliers we know personally, often within driving distance of our facility.


We’re an independently-owned company. Our passion guides every decision we make and every ingredient we choose. We make food we’re proud to feed our pets. And yours.

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Next Level Kennel Direct Delivery by the Pallet

Midwest Greyhound Supply has excellent relationships with nationwide freight carriers to get your delivery to you on time. Our shipments are machine-wrapped on a pallet and shipped directly to your kennel. We can accommodate special needs such as lift gates, residential delivery, terminal pickup of shipments. 

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Next Level Premium Nutrition for Dogs

The Next Level line of super premium dog foods provide the nutritional building blocks of whole-body health across all life stages, activity levels and breeds amplified by proprietary VX Advantage™ blend of vitamins, nutrients and prebiotics.

  • Next Level Hi-Pro 30 LS
  • Next Level Hi Pro Professional
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