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K9 BlueLite®
1.75 lb. Jar

K9 BlueLite is a specially formulated multiple energy rehydration supplement for active dogs of all ages. Its unique combination of electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals speeds recovery after strenuous exercise promoting rehydration and maintaining adequate fluid balance. The convenient K9 BlueLite powder can be mixed with water or sprinkled dry over the dog's food.

A versatile hydration product, K9 BlueLite can be administered in water, as a top dressing on food, or frozen in ice cubes. It contains a special blend of multiple energy sources, vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, this nutrient dense formula provides beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion and to maintain intestinal health.

Use BEFORE events and periods of extreme exercise or DURING hot weather.

Serving Information:
Mix K9 BlueLite with water.

Approximately 40-80 servings per jar, depending on dog weight and activity level.

Recommended Usage:
For optimum dog health, use K9 BlueLite BEFORE a competition, K9 Restart Formula DURING and immediately AFTER periods of extreme energy use, and K9 Natu-Joint DAILY to help improve overall joint health.


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