Durvet Tar & Aloe Shampoo

Durvet Tar & Aloe Shampoo

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Medicated. Solubilized coal tar and natural aloe vera soothe itchy, inflamed skin due to hot spots, seborrhea and non-specific dermatitis.

Deep cleansing & conditioning. Rich natural lather cleans, conditions, moisturizes. Will not stain light coats. Fresh, pleasant scent.

Compatible. May be used with topical or ingested flea and tick control products.

Nonstripping. Protects the natural, moisturizing oils in your pet’s skin.

Nontoxic. Botanically formulated without soap or detergent. Detergent-based shampoo can be absorbed into your pet’s system, causing toxic reactions.

Healthful. Promotes healthy, itch-free skin and leaves soft, silky sheen on coat.

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